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Hello, I'm Dr. Flyaway. Have you ever had the problem of your multicopter flying away and ya just can't find it anywhere?
Well try our new Dr. Flyaway Club flight tips. We'll show you how to fly inside and out, from OEM to clone, and the best DIY skill.
And if you're afraid of those pesky buggy ole PPM encoders no worries, we've got ya covered with one of our Dr. Flyaway Millswood variants
to help terminate a fly-away and give you *actual* recovery options. Just ask one of my many satisfied clients here Jed Sanders how well it works.

Hyuh, hyuh, hello my name is Jed, I'm a DIY Drone Pilot and I've been flyin arducopters for about two years, and uhh
Uhh, with Dr. Flyaway's 'Millswood Failsafe' variant I don't have to point my shotgun at them pesky fly-away drones no more.
Thanks Dr. Flyaway, you're the shit!"

Yes, Dr. Flyaway's got it all, I guarantee it! Try my Millswood drone-leash and you'll have your DIY Drone trained in no time!
Dial 1-800-999-FAIL
That's 1-800 999 F A I L

Hello Dr. Flyaway, paging Dr. Flyaway!